General Terms and Conditions (T&C)

1. Scope

These T&C apply to all legal relations between the Guest and the Hotel Sonne Wildhaus (hereinafter the “Hotel Sonne”).

2. Conclusion of the agreement

An agreement is established between the Guest and the Hotel Sonne upon the receipt of the written, telephone, electronic or face-to-face reservation and the issue of the confirmation of booking. These General Terms and Conditions form an integral part of this agreement. Notifications issued by email are deemed issued in writing.

3. Period of use

The Guest has no entitlement to the provision of particular rooms, unless the Hotel Sonne has issued a written confirmation of the provision of a particular room. Reserved rooms are available from 2 pm of the agreed day of arrival to 11 am of the day of departure. Delayed departures are only then permitted, if this is agreed in writing or on-site.

If there is no agreement, the Hotel Sonne is permitted to charge 50% of the daily rate.

4. Specific pricing

If not otherwise noted, all prices are listed in Swiss Franks (CHF) and include VAT at the statutorily prescribed rate. The specified prices are subject to change.

5. Price changes

The Hotel Sonne may change the specified prices in the following cases:


  • newly introduced or increased state charges (e.g. value-added tax, visitor’s taxes
    , etc.)
  • changes to exchange rates (are converted in accordance with the current rate of the Hotel Sonne)
  • clearly explainable printing errors

6. Cancellations and booking changes

I. General Terms and Conditions
Cancellations and booking changes are only valid if these are issued in writing to the Hotel Sonne. Guests will incur the following costs:

II. Reservations for individuals:

  • Cancellations until 12 noon two days before arrival: no costs
  • In case of delayed cancellation, no-show or delayed arrival:
    the first night will be charged
  • In case of early departure the price of the night following the departure will also be

The amount will be based on the confirmed number of persons. For bookings through online platforms, the respective indicated terms and conditions apply. Credit cards will always be electronically checked by us.

III. Reservations for groups (up to 6 people):
We ask you to inform us as soon as possible in case of substantial changes to you reservation. These changes must be submitted in written from. In case of full cancellation (through no fault of us), the following cancellation fees apply:

  • 30 to 15 days prior to arrival: 25% of lost room revenue
  • 14 to 5 days prior to arrival: 50% of lost room revenue
  • 4 to 0 days prior to arrival: 100% of lost room revenue

IV. Cancellation date and insurance
The calculation of the cancellation date is determined according to the time the written declaration is received by the Hotel Sonne In case of Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, the next working day shall be the decisive date.

V. Cancellations in the case of force majeure
In the case of force majeure, such as political unrest, strikes, catastrophes, etc., a cancellation may also be issued atshort notice by the Hotel Sonne for safety reasons.

VI. Disruptions and operating restrictions
Interruptions such as noise and/or operating restrictions do not entitle the Guest to any compensation or reimbursement.

VI. Disruptions and operating restrictions
During the time period of an agreed right of cancellation, the Hotel Sonne is likewise entitled to a cancellation, if

  • Hotel Sonne has reasonable grounds to believe that the provision of accommodation to the Guest could endanger the smooth operation of the business, or thesafety of the Hotel Sonne
  • an agreed advance payment is not made with a grace period stipulated by the Hotel Sonne. In the case of a justified rescission on the part of the Hotel Sonne, the Guest shall have no entitlement to compensation.

In case of justified cancellations/recission by Hotel Sonne, a compensation for the guest is excluded.

7. Methods of payment

We reserve the right to completely or partially demand a downpayment. For groups we request credit card details (number and expiery date) for guarantee purposes. We do not send invoices outside of Switzerland.

8. Liability

I. General Terms and Conditions
The Hotel Sonne is liable for every type of negligence and deliberate act in relation to contractual obligations, essential to the achievement of the contractual purpose. Otherwise, the liability of the Hotel Sonne is limited to the grossly negligent or deliberate acts of its employees and other vicarious agents. This applies particularly to contractual accessory obligations, damages for non-performance, impossibility or tortious liability.
This liability is limited to damages foreseeable to the Hotel Sonne. Liability is likewise excluded for consequential damage and indirect damage. For the property of the Guest’s brought into the Hotel Sonne, the Hotel Sonne shall be liable to the Guest in accordance with the statutory provisions.
The Hotel Sonne accepts no liability for damage caused through parking a vehicle in the parking space of the Hotel Sonne, even if the use of the parking space is explicitly indicated, or if a parking fee is charged. This does not apply if the Hotel Sonne or its vicarious agents have acted with gross negligence or deliberately.
The same applies to performing wake-up requests or forwarding messages for or on behalf of the Guest.
The aforementioned claims will become extinguished, unless they are promptly reported to the Hotel Sonne upon gaining knowledge of the basis of the claim, or within 14 days of the day of departure.

II. Liability for credit card payments
The Guest shall remain liable to the Hotel Sonne for payments made by the means of credit cards, even in the event that the invoice total is not paid by the credit card company or if it reverses such payment. The Guest is likewise liable in the case of payment guarantees issued to the Hotel Sonne by hotel reservation systems, in the event that the hotel reservation company does not make the payment or reverses the amount paid. The crucial aspect is whether the Guest has made an overnight stay in the Hotel Sonne.

9. Data protection

The Hotel Sonne undertakes to observe the relevant applicable data protection laws in its handling and processing of all data belonging to the Guest, including the Guest’s user data. Guest data is used solely for the purpose of optimising operational safety, or for sales promotions, product design, crime prevention, the collection of key business data and statistics, and for the purpose of issuing invoices.

10. Concluding provisions

All agreements concluded with the Hotel Sonne based on these T&C shall be governed solely by the law of Switzerland. The place of performance and payment is Wildhaus.
The legal venue is Lichtensteig.
In the event that any of the provisions contained in these General Terms and Conditions are or become unenforceable, shall not affect the enforceability of the remaining provisions.
Wildhaus, 09. November 2018